Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 8: Review

'We learnt to capture something which speaks to you, which tells you something', Gulshan, 16.

As the photography project draws to a close, today was the final workshop. It was time for the participants to review their photographs and select their favourites, in preparation for Friday's exhibition.

Once the boys had made their selections they wrote beautifully neat descriptions to accompany their chosen images, impressively using a mixture of Hindi and English.

'I enjoyed taking pictures of nature', Shankar, 17.

The workshop completed with the young people and volunteers reflecting on the project; their best bits, how the boys felt about their learning and suggestions for change.

'I have learnt that pictures have to have all sorts of things which makes a better picture', Tulsi, 17.

We thanked the young people for their remarkable effort during each workshop. Each individual has remained incredibly engaged and focused throughout, and we have managed to have a great laugh together! For the volunteers, teaching the boys to use a camera for the first time has been an uplifting and humbling experience.

Next blog: The Exhibition

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