Friday, 9 March 2012

Day 3: Landscape & Portrait

We made an impromptu visit to the orphanage yesterday for Holi celebrations (India's festival of colour). As the people of Rajasthan say goodbye to winter and rejoice in the colours of spring, we participated in the tradition of throwing beautifully bright coloured scented powder over one another!
Katherine and Kiran celebrating Holi
After the excitement of Holi the photography project resumed and our focus today was landscape and portrait. The volunteers began the workshop by giving the young people a few photography tips, beginning with the 'thirds rule'. Using examples (and our handy translator Gauruv!) we showed the boys that if you divide a good photo into three parts and remove either side what remains should still make for a picture in itself.
The young people were very eager to start using their camera's so after a short explanation of the difference between landscape and portrait off they disappeared outside. After half an hour spent snapping they were asked to select their two favourite photos of the day (one landscape and one portrait) and write a short description about their selected pictures. The volunteers have noticed an improvement in the boys abilities to write descriptions (they find this part quite difficult), so a massive well done to all of our participants. Here are a few favourites from the day... 

'I like this picture because in the summertime it is really hard to find water and all the animals and birds go to look for water. Here we are seeing a chipmunk who is thirsty trying to drink water from a stream' Ajay, 14.

'I like this picture because there is a shadow of myself. I took this picture whilst Sir was talking to me. This picture is portrait and along with the shadow is why I think it looks nice' Gulshan, 16.
'In this image there is a very old door which I like very much. I like this picture, I needed to take a portrait picture and I found that in this' Kiran, 16.

The following photo, taken by Shankar, is not selected by him as his favourite but I thought I would post it because his witty comment did make us laugh...

'The Eiffel Tower!' Shankar, 17.

Unfortunately today was not without it's technical hitches as cameras that appeared to be working to begin with are disappointingly failing us during the workshops. Due to this issue I am planning to start a digital camera campaign when I return to the UK. Basti Ram will desperately need cameras for young people in the orphanage to use during future projects. If you, your friends or relatives have any spare cameras in good used working condition and would be willing to generously donate these please contact

Next workshop: Day 4, Faces & Emotions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and showing your support for Basti Ram. If you would like to find out more about our work or how you can get involved please visit or email or call our UK office on +44 (0) 7515 857 865


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