Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 6: 'My Day'

The theme of today's workshop was 'My Day' and the aim was to enable the young people to reflect upon what is important to them throughout a typical day spent at their orphanage.

The volunteers began by using flash cards to break the boy's day into parts; morning, school, dinner, free time, friends, inside and outside.

The task was for the participants to photograph spaces, belongings, people and items that were familiar to them and represented a favourite part of their day.

What follows is a selection of photographs, taken by the young people. We feel they give you a special and unique glimpse into their lives...


'My Bedroom' photo by Gulshan, 16.

'My belongings and school uniform'. Photo by Chirag, 16.
'My school shoes'. Photo by Kiran, 16.
'These are tiffins which we take to school to carry food'. Photo by Shankar, 17.
'The Kitchen' photo by Gulshan, 16.
Photo by Shankar, 17.

'This is a picture of my friends. They're all looking very nice in this picture'. Photo by Kiran, 16.

'This picture I like because it is of my friend. I like one things of his; that he is studying rather than sleeping or playing in his free time'. Photo by Gulshan, 16.

'Friends' photo by Mangi, 15.

'My Wardrobe' photo by Chirag, 16.


'Outside' photo by Ajay, 14.

'This picture is of our drinking water tank. All the children drink water from here. There was nice sunlight in this picture and water was running from the tap'. Photo by Chirag, 16.

Free Time

'Playing' photo by Gulshan, 16.

'Washing' photo by Tulsi, 17.
'Football' photo by Tulsi, 17.

Next workshop: Treasure Hunt

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