Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 5: Colour

Today's workshop was themed around 'colour', which India is certainly not short of! The volunteers began by showing the young people flashcards of different colours and the boys successfully guessed them all in English. They then shared with us their favourite colours; lots of reds and greens came out on top!

The young people were taught how to change their camera settings to black and white and after the volunteers shared a few technical tips with them off they happily went with their cameras. Some of the participants have a real flair for photography and are trying very hard to be as creative as possible with their images. Their effort is outstanding and they are a pleasure to work with.

Here are a few of the boy's favourite from the day...

Photo by Ajay, 14.
'I like this picture because there is a small bird which is sitting on the dry branch of a tree. It is brown and it's looking very nice. When I got close to it, it seems like it's going to attack on me. You can also see dry leaves and branches in the background'. Photo by Ajay, 14.
'This photo I like because in this picture there is a coloured fish. I also like this picture because there are the two colours I like the best, red and green. The small fish is looking very nice, whilst swimming he is blowing bubbles'. Photo by Gulshan, 16.
Photo by Dilip, 17.
'In this bouquet there are two different colours to the flowers which are my favourite colours, purple and green. They are looking very nice'. Photo by Chirag, 17.
Photo by Tulsi, 17.
Photo by Kiran, 16.

Photo by Mangi, 15.

'Everybody likes the heart and on this heart is written 'I love you'. In this picture the heart and the 'u' are in red and there are some leaves on the heart in green. Red and green are my two favourite colours'. Photo by Kiran, 16.

Next workshop: My Day

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