Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 2: Cyanotype photogram sun prints

After leaving the young people with their camera's yesterday afternoon the volunteers from our teaching projects met them later on in the day and returned to the volunteers house informing us that the photography participants had been very busily snapping away. We uploaded all the photos from the day and one boy, Ajay, had taken 150 photographs...we may need to spend some time prioritising his best shots but we certainly applaud his enthusiasm!

Caught these two peering through the window!

We began today's workshop with a sun paper (or cyanotype) activity. Sun print paper has been treated with chemicals and once it is exposed to the light for a few minutes it changes colour. Areas that have been covered, and are not exposed to light, remain white. To complete the image you emerse the paper in water, a fun activity that helped to teach the boys about the basics of photography and composition.

The young people adding water to their sun paper prints

The boys searched the orphanage grounds for unusual items of different shapes to place on their paper. After completing the process they set to work at decorating their prints with colours and we were amazed at how engrossed they all were, complete silence as they concentrated and we stayed an hour later than planned so they were able to complete their works of art!

Shankar, 17, proud of his finished sun paper print

The young people's willingness to learn and the effort they are putting in has really touched us today. The boys are on holiday for the next two days as India celebrates one of it's biggest festivals, Holi (the festival of colour). We look forward to resuming the photography workshops at the orphanage on Friday. Until then here are a selection of the boys favourite photos so far... 

By Gulshan, aged 16

 By Kiran, 15

 By Ajay, 14

'This is a picture of my favourite friend, he is in 10th grade. The position that he is standing in is really photogenic and that is why I took the picture' Gulshan, 16.

Next workshop: Portrait / Landscape

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