Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 7: 'Treasure Hunt'

Today's photography workshop was the final 'themed' session during which the young people were given the opportunity get creative with their cameras.

'This is a picture of a broom and a dustbin, we use it to clean the whole building. We use the bin to put the trash in'. Photo by Chirag, 16.

It was felt the boys would enjoy a fun session during which they could put the range of technical skills they had learnt throughout the project to good use.

'This picture is of my cup. It has a really nice flower design. We use it to drink chai from'. Photo by Ajay, 14.

The volunteers provided each boy with four clues to items scattered in and around the orphanage building. After some time spent guessing the answers their challenge was to photograph each item to the best of their ability!

'I took a picture of the tap because when we turn on the tap we get the water, and we take a drink of that'. Photo by Kiran, 16.

In addition to the treasure hunt challenge the boys were asked to photograph four subjects of their choice. The aim of this was to help them consider what they had enjoyed photographing the most.
Photo by Tulsi, 17.

After choosing their favourites from the day the young people each designed and decorated their own name card to be used for the exhibition on Friday.

'In this picture is cow dung, we use it as a fuel to cook the food'. Photo by Tulsi, 17.

Cow dung is very resourceful in India. It is dried out in the sun then stored for use as fuel during monsoon. I recently passed through a settlement in the hills and they were interestingly mixing cow and buffalo dung with water and using it to plaster the walls of their buildings.

All of the project participants were in a happy, relaxed and playful mood today. The volunteers felt they have really bonded with the boys over the course of the project. Although we feel it has passed too quickly and will be sorry to say goodbye, we are also very excited to assist the boys in exhibiting their images and sharing their efforts with the local community on Friday!

Next workshop: Review

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