Thursday, 8 September 2011


Every day we have asked the boys to choose their two favourite pictures from the session and to write a description about why they liked those pictures. Most of boys did this in Hindi, but a few decided to write in English and came up with some wonderful comments, not only about their photography but also how they view wider society. 

"I like this picture because...[it's] about Indian tradition. The Indian people come into the home [and] the shoes and slippers come off... I like this picture. This picture framing is very good." - Ashu 

"Today is [a] very good day. Today a new learning for camera. A new learn today is camera timeing set and automatic click the button. Today I catch the human being thing photo, happy, sad, etc. Photo is happy location, this photo is good framing. This picture sir is smiling face very good." - Hari Om

"I practiced catching myself in the mirror. It is in landscape" - Puran

[This] street is not complete and [there are] very dangerous holes on the street. Jumping on the street may [cause an] accident on bad street and trouble for people and wasted time. This situation in India [is] because [of] India's political man [does] not take responsibility" - Kanti

"I like this picture, it's looks on the boys swimming...the lake is very beautiful...they were [jumping from] a height ...[into] the water.! - Ramesh

The old man and the child. I think about a picture. When I was taking [this] photo [I thought that] the old man was smoking [and was] damaging his life, he has a bad habit. The man [is] throwing the bad effect on the young boy. I like this photo very much." Kanti 

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