Monday, 5 September 2011

Day seven - Favourites

We have noted a marked improvement in the boys approach to taking photos in the last week, but they are still struggling to think creatively about what they want to show in their photographs, so in today's activity we asked them to choose one object or scene which represented something important to them. They had to take ten photos of that one object/person using all the different techniques they learnt last week (use of colour/black and white, framing, landscape/portrait etc.). 

Below are some of the boys pictures of their favourite things. 

'The hostel'. Photo by Ashu

'Reading'. Photo by Durga

'Cricket'. Photo by Gajendra

'Shoes'. Photo by Hari Om
'Cricket'. Photo by Kanti

'Reading'. Photo by Kamash

'Food'. Photo by Kanti

'Writing'. Photo by Kanti Lal

As well as seeing a vast improvement in their ability to take photos this project is also benefiting the young people with their English. Every day the boys have to write about their two favourite photographs, some write in Hindi, but some boys are writing wonderfully eloquent pieces in English (more on this to follow). Just having to speak English on a daily basis is making a big difference, the staff from the project here in India are noticing the change.

"They have opened up a lot, they now have the confidence to speak English" - Guarav

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